Where everybody knows your name…

“And they’re always glad you came..” Remember the theme song from Cheers?

Sometimes memories from the job can be a bit like that: Being part of a team, talking about last night’s game over coffee, having the know-how needed to get the job done. Sure, things always look a bit rosier when we look back, but if we’re honest, for many folks there were at least a few things to like about being on the job.

And if the social/teamwork side helped make it worth getting up in the morning before you retired, then it’s a good bet that finding ways to have that again will make life after work more fun too.

Enter the Men’s Shed: Part Dad’s garage, part local hangout, and all community focused.

Retirement – what’s time management got to do with it?

For a time in life that’s supposed to start with saying goodbye to agendas and schedules and very quickly move on to being permanently on vacation, it’s hard to imagine why time management might come up as a topic of interest for retirees. 

And yet, it does come up fairly often. Why is that?

Well, for starters, retirement can free up a significant amount of time. The average full-time worker who fully retires will immediately find themselves with about 2,000 extra hours a year where their job used to be.