Picturing yourself retired?

Imagining life after work can bring up some tough questions:

  • After a successful career, how can retirement possibly be as rewarding?
  • What will I say when asked “What do you do?”
  • With all that time on my hands, how will I know what to do with myself?

Work can add value to our lives like being part of a team in a role that we’re good at. A successful retirement includes finding new ways to add those things back into our lives. It also includes figuring out how to make the best of roughly 2,000 free hours a year.

You’re already making sure your finances are in order. Take some time now to plan for other key areas and ease the transition from work.

Pre-Retirement Coaching Options

Quick check-up: Take a 15-minute survey online and get a full report in a few days. The report covers what factors will be important to you personally for a successful retirement, and how prepared you are in each area. We’ll go through the results together and talk about where you could go from here.

Focused trouble-shooting: Have a specific area you want to work on now? Let’s dig into that and figure out what skills or tools could be helpful. You’ll get tailored practice exercises, to help you see improvement.

Group coaching: Join a small group of people talking about how they’re preparing for a fulfilling retirement by sharing their ideas and experiences. Includes live discussions and take-home practices. We do workplace coaching as well.

One-on-one coaching: Over several sessions, we’ll focus on building your skills and knowledge so you’re well prepared for a great retirement. You’ll come away with new capabilities and a plan that will take you through the transition.

Workshops/classes: Explore more than 10 factors for a fulfilling retirement and come away with detailed feedback on the most important areas for you. We hold workshops for employee groups as well.

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