Wondering how to get more from your retirement?

Maybe you’ve already asked yourself these questions:

  • If retirement is supposed to be one long vacation, why do I feel a bit restless and at loose ends?
  • I’m busier than when I used to work full-time – so why don’t I feel more satisfied?
  • I have so many possibilities! How do I choose where to spend my time and energy?

Whether you’re fully, partly or semi-retired, there might be one or two things outside of your finances that you can tweak now to make your retirement even better.

There are so many ways we can work together to make your retirement fulfilling

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Retirement Coaching Options

Quick check-up: Take a 15-minute online survey, and you’ll get a full report on where you’re doing really well, and where a little focus could make some big improvements. We’ll go through the results together and talk about where you could go from here.

Focused trouble-shooting: Do you have a specific area you want to improve on? Let’s roll up our sleeves and figure out what skills or tools could help. Specific practices and homework will help you see improvements.

Group coaching: Join a small group of people talking about how to have a more fulfilling retirement and sharing ideas and experiences. Includes live discussions and take-home practices.

One-on-one coaching: Through a series of conversations, we’ll focus on building your skills knowledge in key areas for a fulfilling retirement. You’ll come away with new abilities and a detailed plan to help you put them into action.

Workshops/classes: Explore the top 15 areas for a fulfilling retirement and come away with detailed feedback on the most important areas for you.

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