Djuna is an extremely talented coach and advisor. No matter how complex the problem, she has been able to help me work though all the pieces until I discovered a suitable path forward. I have worked with Djuna on a variety of issues over the years and she has an amazing ability to see things in a completely new way and guide without directing.

She is intelligent, compassionate, and often sees things that I totally missed. Her style is straightforward and practical and you can tell that she absolutely loves helping people. I’ve recommended Djuna to many colleagues and know they have had the same great experience.


Few things are as personal as retirement planning. While money is an important factor, Djuna took the time to get to know me and understand my needs and goals from the social and spiritual perspectives.

The end result was a customized plan and experience built around ME, today and into retirement.  Thanks Djuna for truly understanding that my retirement isn’t a “cookie cutter” / cut and paste matter.


Djuna is a fantastic coach/mentor. She is insightful, prepared, encouraging and a wonderful resource. I was at a pivotal place in my personal and professional life and benefited greatly from the time I spent with Djuna.

Djuna gave me tangible, practical techniques that helped we navigate some difficult situations and choices. In addition she is a wonderful, caring, strong role-model.


Djuna is patient, experienced, kind and understanding – everything you need in coach. I’ve had the fortune of working with Djuna twice. I’d highly recommend her if you’d like to see the change you need in your life, no matter how big or small.

I worked with Djuna on some important personal goals that I kept procrastinating. I knew that if I worked with her, I’d get started and would complete them. I completed these goals and even surpassed my expectations.

It’s not easy to work on yourself, but Djuna made this easy and approachable. We met biweekly for a couple months and took things one step at a time. Though our conversations were sometimes emotional for me, our meetings were quite fun, which resulted in a renewed, positive approach in getting these goals accomplished.

Djuna’s own experiences and her skills as a coach really helped me look at things in a different way and for this, I am thankful. We can get lost in our thoughts of doubt, making it difficult to get started or finish something. I learned that if I were to just take a few minutes to work on things that are important to me, I can get important and meaningful life goals accomplished.

By working with Djuna, I was able to work on these goals in small steps, culminating in a finished result that surpassed my own expectations.

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